Blog Posts By:

Emily Scarr,
Maryland PIRG State Director

Today we submitted this testimony on Delegate David Moon's bill to ban corporate campaign contributions.

Today we submitted this testimony on Delegate Shane Robinson's HB878 for 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2035.

Our democracy is based on the premise that every citizen, regardless of wealth has more or less equal opportunity to influence the actions of our government. Unfortunately, large and corporate contribitions, which few of us can afford to make have undue influence over who can run for office and who wins elections. 

Maryland PIRG is pleased to support HB710/SB202 to give Marylanders control of their financial information through access to free credit  "freezes," “thaws”  annd “temporary lifts.” 

Maryland PIRG is proud to support SB1068/HB1634 to enact recommendations by the Maryland Financial Consumer Protection Commission.

When large companies harm the public through fraud, financial scams, chemical spills, dangerous products or other misdeeds, they almost never address those allegations in court proceedings and pay a fine or penalty. Instead, most companies negotiate out-of-court settlements that resolve the charges in return for stipulated payments or promised remedies. 

Chemical flame retardants can be found in everything from the toys our children play with to the furniture we use every day. 

Maryland PIRG strongly supports SB594/HB532. A functioning democracy depends on the participation of its citizens. Every American – Republican, Democrat, Independent – has a fundamental right to vote and have their voted counted. Our Democracy works best when everybody makes his or her voice heard on Election Day. Voting also serves as a building block to more active involvement in civic life. 

Maryland PIRG is pleased to support The Secure and Accessible Registration Act (SB1048/HB152), sponsored by Senator Smith and Delegate Luedtke.

Today we won our campaign of over a year to convince P&G to increase disclosure of ingredients in "fragrance."