Blog Posts By:

Emily Scarr,
Maryland PIRG State Director

A new law restricting the use of three toxic pesticides that can harm children and kill bees goes into effect Friday in Baltimore City. 

Today, we joined 100 groups calling on Congress to support a national ban on PFAS in food packaging. 

Today, a group of Maryland businesses, educators, environmental advocates and consumer advocates sent letters to the Maryland Congressional delegation asking for their support for pending “Right to Repair” legislation.

Today we joined 28 groups who sent a letter urging Governor Hogan to reduce diesel pollution by swiftly adopting both the Advanced Clean Trucks Rule and the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Rule to tackle climate change and improve public health. 


As Maryland goes through the redistricting process, there have been a few changes in terms of dates, deadlines, and districts for the upcoming Maryland primary this summer. This post will walk through what you need to do to register to vote and submit your ballot in the primaries.

This legislation will help bring about cleaner air to breathe, healthier families and a safer climate for us all. 

2022 legislative victories to safeguard public health, protect consumers, improve our democracy, reduce waste, and transform our energy and transportation systems.