Blog Posts By:

Emily Scarr,
Maryland PIRG State Director

The legislative session provides a unique opportunity to make progress on some of the most pressing issues in our state. We’ll weigh in on dozens of policy proposals in the next few months, but here are our top priorities.

Today we testified in support of a Baltimore City bill to update and improve consumer protections for trespass towing. 

This year there were hundreds of policies discussed which could safeguard public health, protect consumers in the marketplace, transform our energy and transportation systems, remove toxic threats, stop wasteful spending, revitalize our democracy, and protect Maryland’s environment.

One of our priority issues for the 2021 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly is protecting kids from tobacco addiction.

Today we testified in support of SB831, introduced by Sen. Kagan, to improve the administration of our elections systems.

Today we are supporting the FUTURE Act, a bill lead by students from the MaryPIRG Student Climate Action Coalition to move our state's public universities to reduce their climate pollution and reach net neutral climate emission. 

The chemical industry is pushing a new dirty energy in Maryland: converting plastic waste into fossil fuels.

For the last three years, we have worked with Del. Jared Solomon and Sen. Cory McCray to expand and improve on our existing state policy, A version of this bill passed the House in 2019 and the Senate in 2020. This year let’s get it done.

We’re calling on the General Assembly to swiftly approve this bill for more robust planning and goal setting for Maryland’s COVID-19 response including expanded testing, contact tracing, and vaccine distribution.