Testimony: No Cash for Trash

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

No matter where you stand on the merits of incineration as a waste management tool, however, we should all agree that it should not qualify for financial incentives as a clean energy tool.

Testimony: Community Choice Energy

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

SB0315/HB561 - “Electric Industry – Community Choice Energy”
More than a decade ago, powerful energy companies rewrote the rules that dictate how energy is bought and sold in Maryland. That decision continues to haunt us today.

As the state's small donor funded public interest advocacy organization we are working hard on behalf of thousands of members across the state to protect public health, foster a stronger democracy, reduce waste, and more.

Testimony: Voting by Mail - Study

By | Rishi Shah

We support SB408/HB426 to study the requirements necessary to implement a vote by mail system in Maryland. Throughout the nation, vote by mail has increased voter turnout and reduced costs. A study on vote by mail can determine how Maryland can achieve these benefits, apply best practices from other states while ensuring we adapt the policy to meet the unique challenges and needs of the Maryland voting population.

Testimony: Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

There is something beautiful about compost. It’s a simple concept, it’s tried and true. It offers a path to eliminate waste, and the troubles that come with mishandling organic waste - especially dirty air and water from incinerators and landfills.

Report | Maryland PIRG Foundation | Democracy

Big Money in Maryland Elections

In Maryland’s gubernatorial elections, the people and companies that donate to campaigns are not reflective of the Marylanders who vote in these elections. On average, donors make large contributions that most Marylanders can’t afford, only a small percentage of the population is making contributions, and the majority of money comes from donors who aren’t eligible to vote in these elections. 

News Release | Democracy

Who’s Funding Elections for Governor in Maryland?

Baltimore - A report released today by Maryland PIRG Foundation finds that the people and entities that donate to Maryland’s Gubernatorial campaigns are not reflective of Marylanders who are eligible to vote in these elections. The report finds that the money raised comes primarily from out of state or non individuals who contribute disproportionately large sums of money.

Testimony: CARES Act falls short

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

Below, please find our testimony in opposition to SB265, Governor Hogan's so-called "Clean and Rewewable Energy Standard." Unfortunately, the Governor's plan relies on dirty, dangerous, and expensive energy sources incuding gas and nuclear.

Testimony: Flavored Tobacco Products

By | Matt Wellington
Director, Campaigns To Stop The Overuse of Antibiotics & End The Nicotine Trap

The tobacco industry has evolved over time to create new, highly addictive products, but one thing hasn’t changed--flavored tobacco products hook kids. A government study found that 81% of youth who have ever used tobacco started with a flavored product, and most tobacco users start young.[1] 

Testimony: Family and Fire Fighter Protection Act

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

Testimony on the Family and Fire Fighter Protection Act to restrict the use of flame retardant chemicals in furniture, mattresses and children’s products. These chemicals are not effective for fire safety. Commonly used chemical flame retardants are linked to cancer and other health impacts.


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