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Coalition Calls on Howard County Executive and Council to Save Fair Elections Program

With Howard County’s June primary looming, the independent Citizens’ Election Fund Commission, good government advocates, and activists are concerned that the small donor public financing program is not being properly implemented. The County has been unwilling to distribute funds to participating candidates who have qualified for matching funds and the County Council has yet to take action on the Commission's request.

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Fair Elections Fund Resolution Introduced in Anne Arundel County

Progressive Maryland, Common Cause Maryland, Maryland PIRG and other organizations part of the Fair Elections Maryland Coalition are excited to witness the first step toward a long-awaited Small Donor Funded Elections Program (also called a Fair Elections Fund) for County Executive and County Council candidates.

News Release | Maryland PIRG and Common Cause Maryland | Democracy

Baltimore County Council passes Fair Election Fund in bipartisan vote, including spending limits and increased qualifying thresholds

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore County Council has voted 6-1 to create a Fair Election Fund, allowing candidates for office in Baltimore County to run for office using a small donor public campaign financing program.

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Statement: Good governance advocates applaud introduction of Baltimore County Fair Elections bill

Today, Baltimore County Council President Julian Jones introduced legislation on behalf of County Executive John “Johnny O” Olszewski to create a Fair Election Fund, which allows candidates for County Executive and County Council to run using a small donor public campaign financing option.

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Statement: With President Biden’s signature, Maryland will receive vital infrastructure investments

President Joe Biden plans to sign the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law Monday. The bill directs historic investments to Maryland.

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36th annual Trouble in Toyland report exposes risks of counterfeit and other dangerous toys

Even though legitimate toymakers deserve kudos for making many of their products safer over the years, too often, Americans end up buying dangerous toys for children for the holidays. Maryland PIRG Foundation’s 36th annual Trouble in Toyland report shows that many of those toys are counterfeit or recalled products, but still make their way into consumers’ shopping carts.

Baltimore County Moves One Step Closer to Fair Elections

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

The Baltimore County Fair Election Fund Work Group recently released its recommendations for the Baltimore Fair Election Fund, a small donor public campaign financing program. 

Report | Maryland PIRG Foundation | Democracy

Big Money in Baltimore's 2020 Elections

Big money - the large donations that come from corporations, PACs, and wealthy individuals - dominate current Baltimore politics. Due to the high cost of campaigning, people who want to run for office need to raise as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. As a result, the people and corporations that can write big checks are in the driver’s seat.


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