How to Vote in the 2022 Maryland Primary Elections

By | Emily Scarr
Maryland PIRG State Director


As Maryland goes through the redistricting process, there have been a few changes in terms of dates, deadlines, and districts for the upcoming Maryland primary this summer. This post will walk through what you need to do to register to vote and submit your ballot in the primaries.

We sent a letter to Mayor Scott urging funding for Fair Elections

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

On Monday, May 2nd, Maryland PIRG, Common Cause Maryland, Jews United for Justice, and the Baltimore Fair Elections coalition sent a letter to Mayor Brandon Scott urging that funding for the Fair Elections program be included in the FY23 budget. The full text of the letter is located below. 

News Release | Maryland PIRG | Consumer Tips

New analysis of towing laws shows only 16 states ban kickbacks to property owners or law enforcement

Our new analysis, Getting Off the Hook of a Predatory Tow Part II, an update to our comprehensive 2021 report on towing protections in every state, finds that 16 states, including Maryland, currently ban kickbacks to private property owners kickbacks when the landowner notifies towing companies about vehicles to tow.

We supported Fair Elections at Baltimore City Taxpayers' Night

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

Tonight is Baltimore City Taxpayers' Night, where Baltimore residents have the opportunity to testify on the proposed FY23 budget. We're excited to support funding for the Fair Elections program! This public campaign financing program will reduce the influence of big money in the political process and encourage candidates for office to speak with and fundraise from Baltimoreans. 

News Release | Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center

Baltimore falls behind peers in solar power ranking report

Baltimore lagged behind other major U.S. cities in solar power installations over the last two years according to the eighth edition of Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center’s report Shining Cities: The Top U.S. Cities for Solar Energy.

Clean Energy Homes, Buildings & Transportation

By | Emily Scarr
Maryland PIRG State Director

Steps Maryland can take to make sure our buildings run on clean renewable energy

Maryland General Assembly Bill Crossover Deadline - Democracy Update

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG


Yesterday (March 21st) was the bill crossover deadline for the Maryland General Assembly. In other words, it’s the deadline for bills to move from one chamber to the other in order to be considered during this legislative session. I’ll be taking a look at which democracy bills did and didn’t move through at least one chamber of the Maryland General Assembly by this deadline. 

News Release | Maryland PIRG Foundation | Consumer Tips

‘Failing the Fix’ scorecard grades Apple, Google, Dell, others on how fixable their devices are

 A new scorecard by Maryland PIRG Foundation, “Failing the Fix,” ranks the most popular cell phone and laptop makers for consumers who seek to purchase easily repairable products – especially those from companies who do not fight to prevent Right to Repair.

Maryland PIRG's 2022 Democracy Legislative Agenda

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

This legislative session, we're committed to ensuring that Maryland's democratic process truely represents the people of Maryland. 


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