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New analysis of towing laws shows only 16 states ban kickbacks to property owners or law enforcement

Our new analysis, Getting Off the Hook of a Predatory Tow Part II, an update to our comprehensive 2021 report on towing protections in every state, finds that 16 states, including Maryland, currently ban kickbacks to private property owners kickbacks when the landowner notifies towing companies about vehicles to tow.

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‘Failing the Fix’ scorecard grades Apple, Google, Dell, others on how fixable their devices are

 A new scorecard by Maryland PIRG Foundation, “Failing the Fix,” ranks the most popular cell phone and laptop makers for consumers who seek to purchase easily repairable products – especially those from companies who do not fight to prevent Right to Repair.

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‘Hog-tied’ and fed up: New report shows dealership consolidation makes farmers’ lives harder

Today, Maryland PIRG Foundation released a report highlighting the increased consolidation of farm equipment dealerships, reducing the options that farmers have for repair. 

Testimony: Consumer Protection - Right to Repair - Farm Equipment

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

Today, we testified on legislation introduced by Del. Hornberger to establish the right to repair for farm equpiment in Maryland. 

Right to Repair in Maryland

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

This blog outlines what the Right to Repair is, how it benefits Marylanders, and what you can do to support this critical idea. 

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Repair restrictions come home to roost: Report shows farmers want to fix their own tractors

Sen. Jon Tester (Montana) introduced the Agricultural Right to Repair Act in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, providing the latest opportunity for farmers to win their Right to Repair.

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36th annual Trouble in Toyland report exposes risks of counterfeit and other dangerous toys

Even though legitimate toymakers deserve kudos for making many of their products safer over the years, too often, Americans end up buying dangerous toys for children for the holidays. Maryland PIRG Foundation’s 36th annual Trouble in Toyland report shows that many of those toys are counterfeit or recalled products, but still make their way into consumers’ shopping carts.

Fixing our stuff and fixing our planet

By | Rishi Shah
Advocate, Maryland PIRG

International Repair Day reminds us why repair is essential for the environment 

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Biden’s executive order supporting Right to Repair should boost campaign in Maryland

BALTIMORE -- President Joe Biden signed a wide-ranging executive order Friday to “promote competition in the American economy.” The 72 different initiatives included an order calling on the “FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to issue rules against anti-competitive restrictions on using independent repair shops or doing DIY repairs of your own devices and equipment.” A fact sheet from the White House singles out cell phones and tractors as specific products subject to the order.  

News Release | Maryland PIRG | Consumer Protection

Statement: Maryland Economic Matters Committee Votes “No” on Right to Repair

It's getting harder and more expensive for people across Maryland to fix our products. We are very disappointed the House Economic Matters Committee decided not to expand access to repair for Maryland consumers. 


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