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News Release | Maryland PIRG | Consumer Protection

Lack of repair options for Maryland farmers has Deere in the Headlights

Modern farm equipment, just like most modern technology, runs on software. But when manufacturers restrict access to the software tools needed to repair broken tractors, farmers are forced to rely on dealerships. That can lead to lengthy delays and inflated repair bills. With fields to be plowed, planted and harvested, farmers don’t have the time to wait for a dealer. They need to be able to fix their own stuff.

News Release | Maryland PIRG | Consumer Protection

Advisory: Lack of repair options for Maryland farmers has Deere in the Headlights

 Maryland PIRG, one of the leaders of the “Right to Repair” movement, is hosting a webinar on Feb. 18 to unveil its new report, Deere in the Headlights, and talk about how farmers’ livelihoods are impacted by how difficult it is to repair John Deere tractors. State legislators will talk about efforts in Annapolis to address the problem.

News Release | Maryland PIRG and members of Maryland Tabacco-Free Coaliton | Public Health


(Annapolis, MD): Today, the Maryland Senate voted to override the governor’s veto of HB 732, the final step in enacting the state’s first cigarette tax increase in almost a decade.

News Release | U.S.PIRG

Statement: U.S. PIRG supports child benefit to improve wellbeing of children and families

A pair of proposals from Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) could help by providing parents with hundreds of dollars a month as a “child allowance,” or “child benefit.” Congress should seize this opportunity for bipartisan agreement and pass a policy to support the wellbeing of children and show appreciation for the vital work of caregiving.

News Release | Maryland PIRG Foundation | Public Health

New Report: Toxic waste cleanup efforts lag, putting Marylanders at risk

The Superfund toxic waste cleanup program, a priority of the EPA for four decades, is responsible for responding to the most serious hazardous waste sites in the country, including the 1,327 sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List. There are 20 number of these sites in Maryland alone. The chemicals found there, such as arsenic, benzene, dioxin, and lead, are some of the most dangerous in the world. 


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