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How to report price gouging after a natural disaster

It's sad that some opportunists will use a disaster like a hurricane to take advantage of people who need safe drinking water, food, ice, gasoline, building materials or emergency supplies. While laws vary by state, increases of 20 percent or more may be price gouging.

How to Shop Safely Online during COVID-19

Make safer online shopping choices during COVID-19 by following these tips. 

How to Spot a Scam During COVID-19

Scammers and hackers are trying to take advantage of COVID-19 concern. These tips will help keep your information safe.


How to spot fake online reviews


The director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Samuel Levine said, “Fake reviews and other forms of deceptive endorsements cheat consumers and undercut honest businesses.” 


I-26 Connector, North Carolina

North Carolina officials have proposed expanding I-240, which runs through downtown Asheville and connects I-26 southwest of Asheville to other highway routes northwest of the city. Local residents, however, have questioned whether the project as currently designed would damage a mature, livable neighborhood to build road space that is not actually needed.


I-285 & SR 400 Interchange Rebuilding, Atlanta, Georgia

Aging interchanges can be dangerous and updating their design can be necessary to keep drivers safe. Yet in Georgia, the need for an interchange design update has led to something far larger.


I-49 Inner City Connection, Shreveport, Louisiana

Louisiana officials are making plans to build an expensive highway that will harm a community, reminiscent of highway projects that devasted urban areas in the middle of the 20th century. The plan is to spend $547 million to $640 million building a new 3.5-mile cut-through section of Interstate 49 that will divide the northern section of Shreveport. A loop interstate already exists around Shreveport and is the “no build option”.


I-5 Rose Quarter Widening, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, has made bold moves toward becoming a good place to get around without a car. New funding will soon create new bus rapid transit routes. The city has a widely used bikeshare program. The city has plans to remove parking spaces and use the space for new bus, streetcar, and bike lanes. Portland has also set a goal of 25 percent of trips to be made by bicycle by 2030, and from 2000 to 2015 the share of people who commute by bike increased from less than 2 percent to 7 percent.


I-526 Extension, South Carolina

Charleston County in South Carolina is moving forward with an eight-mile, $725 million extension to I-526 across Johns and James Islands that would, as the Charleston Post and Courier wrote in a 2019 editorial about the project, “create negative environmental and community impacts while providing minimal traffic relief in the immediate term and little or no improvement over the long term.” The so-called Mark Clark extension, which will cost Charleston County more than it has spent on any single project in its history, would be a four-lane parkway from near Citadel Mall in West Ashley to the James Island connector at Folly Road.


I-57 Interchange, Illinois

Illinois officials have budgeted $206 million for a new interchange on I-57 that would take drivers onto a road through undeveloped farmland 44 miles south of Chicago in Will County, Illinois. The project has been deemed “The Exit to Nowhere” by the Illinois Policy Center, as the destination of the proposed interchange is an unbuilt airport which itself is an object of controversy. The project also represents a large unnecessary cost at a time when key local transportation priorities are in desperate need of funding, and will require paving over rural areas of farmland and floodplains.


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