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Virtual wallets, real complaints

A report examining complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on digital payment apps, since the CFPB began collecting them in this category three years ago. The key takeaway: Consumers don’t realize these online transfer payments are instantaneous and treated like cash, so when fraud strikes, you’re likely to be left without recourse.


Vital and Undervalued

As the pandemic has painfully reminded us, our entire society depends on caregivers, yet we undervalue the vital contributions of unpaid family caregivers. It benefits all of us when it is possible for people to care for their loved ones who need care, so we should increase support for family caregivers.


What to know about Amazon’s new A-to-z claims process

Amazon’s overview and its terms and conditions span more than 1,600 words. Here is a breakdown of what Amazon customers need to know before using the A-to-z claims process.


Widening I-70 in Denver, Colorado

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Widening I-94 Through Detroit, Michigan

Michigan highway planners want to spend $2.7 billion to widen Interstate 94 through the heart of Detroit, saying that the existing road needs not just resurfacing and better bridges, but also more capacity. State officials continue to push forward with the project despite Detroit’s rapid population loss and other woes, and despite the fact that traffic volume on the stretch of road being considered for expansion is no higher than it was in 2005. Expanding the highway might even make Detroit’s economic recovery more difficult by further separating two neighborhoods that have been leading the city’s nascent revitalization.


Widening I-95 Across the State, Connecticut

Along-dormant idea for a multi-billion-dollar expansion of I-95 is being promoted by the state’s governor as a fix for congestion, despite official studies dating back to 2002 recommending against any expansion of the highway, saying it would make congestion worse, extend traffic delays and increase pollution.


Zero Hunger


Zero Out Toxics

We’re working in communities and with companies to zero out the toxic chemicals that put our health and environment at risk.


Zero Waste


“Traffic Relief Plan,” Maryland

In February 2018, Maryland had a transit emergency. That month, Baltimore’s entire Metro SubwayLink system was shut down for a month after inspections revealed that the subway was becoming dangerous and needed emergency repairs. The closure immediately threw into disarray the commutes of 34,000 daily riders and shined a light on years of neglect of the system. Meanwhile, in the Washington, D.C., area, much of which is in Maryland, the Metrorail system has seen reliability suffer and experienced several high-profile safety incidents following years of deferred maintenance.


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