Get ready for some alarming stories—and they're all the more alarming because they're true.

On Nov. 14, U.S. PIRG and the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center (ARAC) of George Washington University launched "Superbugs Unplugged," a podcast that will dive into the alarming issue of antibiotic resistance and how we can slow it. Matt Wellington, our Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics campaign director, is co-hosting the podcast, along with Dr. Lance Price of ARAC.

"[It's just] totally baffling to me [that] we treat these drugs, not as the life-saving medicines that they are, but as tools in agriculture and wherever else we're using them ..." said Matt in the podcast's inaugural episode. "I'm really excited for this podcast ... to be a forum for how we address this problem comprehensively."

The approach of an era when, because of overuse, our antibiotics might no longer work, and what used to be common, treatable infections may become deadly, is truly terrifying. Our podcast will educate the public and decision-makers, and promote solutions to avoid this nightmare scenario.

Superbugs Unplugged will cover a new topic and feature an expert guest every month. Listen to the podcast here.

Top Photo: You can listen to the Superbugs Unplugged podcast on Buzzsprout, Spotify or Apple Podcasts. If you have questions or want to make suggestions, you can write to Matt and Lance at Credit (both): Staff