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When it comes to clean transportation, most U.S. states are underutilizing funds from Volkswagen’s nearly $3 billion settlement with federal authorities for violating emissions standards.

On May 23, Maryland PIRG released our national network's Volkswagen Settlement State Scorecard, in which only 15 states earned a C or better for plans to increase access to electric vehicle charging and bolster electric school and transit bus fleets. Fourteen states, along with Puerto Rico, received failing scores.

“Millions of cars will hit the roads this weekend and throughout the summer,” said Matt Casale, director of our national transportation campaign. “Imagine the benefits to public health and the climate if those were electric cars with zero tailpipe emissions, or, even better yet, if people had more clean public transportation options, such as electric buses. The Volkswagen settlement can help us get there, but only if states take full advantage of the opportunity.”

Find out which states made the grade.

Photo: Matt Casale, lead author on the Volkswagen Score Card report. Photo Credit: Athelston Rogers Photography

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