How is the Northeast and mid-Atlantic taking on the largest source of planet-warming, climate-changing pollution?

On Dec. 18, Maryland joined Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, D.C., to announce they will create a regional plan to curb transportation pollution.
“Americans want a modern transportation system that is cleaner, healthier and more efficient," said Matt Casale, our national transportation campaign director. "We are one step closer to getting the 21st-century transportation system we need and deserve.”
The devil will be in the details, which we expect to see within the next year. The states are all part of a broader coalition called the Transportation and Climate Initiative that will develop a regionwide policy to reduce transportation emissions and transition to a low-carbon transportation system. We're urging the initiative to support better public transit, more bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly streets, and a transition to electric cars, trucks and buses. Maryland PIRG is joined by Environment Maryland in support of the initiative.
Read the Transportation and Climate Initiative Statement here
Photo Caption: Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are among the members of the Transportation and Climate Initiative to modernize transportation.
Photo Credit: MBTA Rapid Transit (CC by ND 2.0); 7beachbum via flickr (CC by 2.0); Adam E. Moreira via Wikimedia Commons (CC by SA); Adam E. Moreira via Wikimedia Commons (CC by SA); Jef Nickerson via flickr (CC by SA 2.0)