On behalf of our members across the state Maryland PIRG encourages state senators to VOTE YES on SB200 with amendments as passed by committee.

SB200 restricts the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products to protect our waterways and public health. This bill passed through committee and is on to a full senate vote, scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th.

Microbeads are microscopic plastic orbs used as exfoliates in home hygiene and beauty products. These tiny particles, barely visible to the naked eye, are found in a wide range of common personal care products like toothpaste, facial scrubs and soaps. Because of their size, microbeads wash down the drain, cannot be filtered out in waste water treatment facilities and head into our waterways.

Once introduced to marine environments, these microbeads plastics are impossible to remove and introduce toxic chemicals into our environment and food supply.

There are plenty of safe, options to these microbeads that will biodegrade in water, such as crushed salt, sugar, or walnut shells.

Here in Maryland our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay are special to native Marylanders and visitors alike, and critical to the fishing and tourism industry.

Please encourage your senator to vote YES on SB200 as passed by committee to ban microbeads in Maryland.

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