Maryland PIRG's Legislative Agenda charts a clear course for 2020.

As the state's small donor funded public interest advocacy organization we are working hard on behalf of thousands of members across the state to protect public health, foster a stronger democracy, reduce waste, and more.

  • We're addressing the teen nicotine epidemic to protect public health.
  • We're working to reduce our exposure to toxins by getting lead out of schools' drinking water and toxic flame retardant chemicals out of consumer products and furniture.
  • We're fighting the impact of wealthy special interests in our elections and working to increase youth civic participation.
  • We're aiming to transition to a zero-waste economy in which we consume less, our products last longer, and we reuse and recycle our old stuff. 
  • And we're supporting policies to increase clean, efficient energy use and transition away from dirty and dangerous energy sources.

With this agenda, Maryland PIRG will continue to focus on what we do best: advocating for the public interest and speaking out for a healthier, safer world. 

Maryland PIRG also releases an annual scorecard. You can see last year's here.

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