CFPB's First Director, Rich Cordray, Publishes "Watchdog"

By | Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

The CFPB's first director, Rich Cordray, has published a book, "Watchdog," explaining efforts to set up and run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I recommend reading the book! The new agency was established as part of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, enacted after light regulation of reckless Wall Street bank practices led to the financial collapse of 2008 and the ensuing Great Recession. Under Cordray's tenure, the CFPB returned over $12 Billion to over 31 million consumers harmed by big banks, payday lenders, for-profit schools, debt collectors and credit bureaus. 

Testimony: Electric School Buses

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

We support House Bill 1451 requires that beginning in October 2023, any buses purchased by County School Boards be zero-emission school buses and by October 2026, and buses purchased by contractors for use by County School be zero-emission school buses.

Testimony: Hospital Facility Fee Transparency

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

This bill increases price transparency for “outpatient facility fees” which are separate from fees for professional service. This added transparency is essential to protect patients as consumers and to help address the increasing costs of healthcare in Maryland.

Testimony: Small Donor Financing for General Assembly Races

By | Emily Scarr
State Director

We believe that in Maryland, the amount of money your family makes - your race, your gender - should not determine the volume of your voice in our elections. But the rise of corporate and large campaign contributions has forced Maryland elected officials and candidates to be increasingly dependent on these donors, giving them less time to hear from and serve their constituents.


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