When it comes to selling stoves, there’s no better way to enrich lives than by helping families choose electric options that are safe and clean.

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Emily Scarr
Maryland PIRG State Director

We support SB528, the Climate Solutions Now Act, because it improves upon our state’s current plan and puts us on a better path to reach these goals. 

Today, we testified on HB 538 to extend the number of days that early voting centers are open to the public. Our written testimony can be found here. 

Today, we testified on HB 702 to require election judges to be trained on what methods judges can use to assist elderly voters and voters with disabilities and also require a sign outlining these methods to be placed at polling sites. You can read our written testimony here. 

The climate enemy you didn’t realize was hiding in your kitchen.

Matt Damon strides past images of humankind’s boldest explorers: ocean voyagers, early aeronauts, mountaineers in a new cryptocurrency ad. If this were an ad for a new drug, or a regulated financial product, you’d expect the images of boldness and bravery to be accompanied by a lengthy disclaimer. You don't. Find out more.

Image credit Kanchanara via Unsplash

Today, we testified on legislation to expand local public campaign financing programs to include additional offices.