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Maryland PIRGs 2022 Legislative Priorities

 | by Emily Scarr
Maryland PIRG State Director

The legislative session provides a unique opportunity to make progress on some of the most pressing issues in our state. We’ll weigh in on dozens of policy proposals in the next few months, but here are our top priorities.


 | by
Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

You may be setting aside those cloth or surgical masks and shopping for some N95 masks or KN95s that are supposed to be widely available. But . . . there unfortunately are lots of counterfeit products out there too.

Epic fail graphic
 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

A major new CFPB report assails the Big 3 credit bureaus for a series of excuses, “deficiencies” and failures. CFPB found that “Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion routinely failed to fully respond to consumers with errors.” Wow.

Cover graphic “Epic Fail” by Dunk via Flickr, some rights reserved.

Switching from one dirty fuel source to another isn’t the public health or climate progress we need.