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MAKING OUR STATE DELIVER ON PROMISED EFFICIENCY—In 2008, Maryland PIRG helped pass the EmPOWER Maryland Act, which set a statewide goal of reducing per capita electricity use 15% by 2015. Now, we’re fighting to make sure our state meets that goal.


Being wasteful with energy raises bills and drains money out of our economy. Meanwhile, energy companies want to use rising demand for electricity as an excuse to fast-track expensive new power lines and power plants in Maryland that we have to pay for.

The fastest and most affordable way to get Maryland’s energy use under control is to make our homes, businesses and communities more energy efficient.

Maryland PIRG advocates real solutions such as insulating homes and businesses, making sure that appliances that are turned off don’t drain power, and requiring utility companies to offer effective energy efficiency programs to consumers.


Maryland has a great deal to gain from smart investments in improved energy efficiency. In fact, every dollar invested in energy efficiency can yield up to $4 in savings for individual consumers.

In order to take advantage of its full potential for energy efficiency, the state adopted the Maryland PIRG-backed EmPOWER Maryland Act in 2008, establishing clear energy efficiency goals for the state. However, the Public Service Commission (PSC), the agency responsible for overseeing the bulk of EmPOWER Maryland’s energy savings goals, has failed to properly manage efforts by the state’s five investor-owned utilities to meet efficiency targets. If current programs do not improve, Maryland risks missing its 2015 energy savings target.

To get Maryland back on track, the Public Service Commission must do more to ensure that utility programs are achieving their share of EmPOWER Maryland targets and approve all efficiency programs that deliver a net benefit to Maryland and our economy.

Issue updates

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Falling Behind on Energy Efficiency

Maryland has a great deal to gain from smart investments in improved energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can address many of the problems the state faces from high electricity use, including high energy bills, pollution, and reliability issues, while boosting the economy.

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Maryland Lagging on Energy Efficiency Goals

Mismanagement of energy efficiency programs by the Maryland Public Service Commission could cost Maryland electricity consumers an average of $288 million annually versus if the agency had ensured utility companies were meeting their energy savings goals.

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Nuclear Power: Not Worth the Risk

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